Hi, I'm Ignacio Jacquot, UX/UI Designer

Nacho Jacquot - UX designer

Digital expert with over 15 years of hands-on experience, working across many industries including eCommerce, Gaming and Digital Transformation in Public Institutions.

My exposure to a wide variety of clients has allowed me to better understand and connect with the needs of users from different sectors. 

I am a dynamic and innovative UI and User Experience designer who takes care of the detail; I love solving problems and I believe in a clean, simple and intuitive design. 

As user experience and interface design continues to evolve and define itself, I closely follow the industry to stay on top of emerging technology, styles, and trends. 

I work regularly both embedded within the team or as an external delivery partner.

I believe in collaborative work in multidisciplinary environments to bring innovative products to market. 

I have the skills to take concepts through design until delivery to developers to create fully functional software.

Nacho Jacquot - Diseñador UX freelance

Comfortable using a wide variety of tools and techniques like: sitemaps, user journeys, sketches, rapid prototyping, avatars, task flow analysis, etc…

My passion for finding simple solutions to complex problems leads me to take full advantage of user-centred design and testing methods.

Born in Spain, with French and Portuguese origins, in addition to Spanish as my mother tongue, I speak English and French. On the other hand, I have experience working in both private and public sectors in the UK, Belgium and France.

I am an experienced and outgoing person working in multicultural teams who understands the importance of user-centred design and empathy-driven research.

I have been fortunate to work as a designer on market leading projects and get involved with big name organisations. This track record has seen me deliver high-pressure, highly-complex projects. Helping companies to continually tackle challenges improving their existing products and services or creating innovative ones.